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Friday, November 03, 2006

Pics in the Gallery!

Uber-Compressed Version/Summary:
+ Bumblebee in a toy form!
+ heat-sensitive 'rubsigns' are back
+ feels very 'Bumblebee,' despite updates
+ articulation is very good
- no weapon
- feels a little small for a Deluxe

If you are a fan of Generation 1 and/or of Bumblebee, you'll enjoy this figure.

Transformers fans have a lot to be angry about, especially with the upcoming travesty from Michael Bay. Luckily, though, the Japanese have backed away from Transformers for a while, which means that we won't be getting a crappy anime TV show nor flying fire-truck Optimus Prime for a while!

To make things better, Hasbro has gotten their act together and released the Classics line, which in a nutshell, aims to recreate timeless characters' original selves from the 80s, but update them to feature what we would expect from modern-day toys: detail, articulation, etc. I believe that they have succeeded, at least for this figure. Read on for my thoughts!

The package is, as usual, eye-catching. The card has a dynamic background and good colours, not to mention the old-school "The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye!" logo. The back of the card features the usual: Tech Specs, character biography, pictures of either mode; things we've come to expect from Transformers.

The bubble is what impressed me. There is vent-like detail in the plastic which fits right in with the 'high-tech' theme of the line's packaging. There is a faction logo moulded into the plastic at the top of the bubble. There is a lot of space through which you can see the figure in his altmode, and if you lift the cardboard flap on the front of the package (it's held in with velcro, be careful not to bend/tear the cardboard), you'll see the figure in his robot mode, in some sort of action pose. 'Transforming' packaging? Kinda cool. They get points for trying.

Even though they could not use the Volkswagen Beetle's shape because the company refused them the rights to the car's design (the company doesn't want to be associated with war. I have no punch line for this.), Hasbro found a way around it. Bumblebee is a little rounded yellow car, which is good enough. He looks sort of like a Honda Civic hatchback, or a European rally car. He isn't entirely yellow: his windshield and headlights are a pale transparent blue, his taillights are red, and he sports silver detail and white lines near the back of his car form. Silver is used on his rims, of course. Bling bling.

On his roof, you will find some white pant marks in 'L' shapes, as well as a roof scoop. What is important is what's on the roof scoop - a rubsign! Back in G1 (and through some of the Beast Wars), figures would have heat-sensitive 'Energon Chip' stickers that would 'reveal the character's true allegiance.' Simply place your fingertip (or thumbtip) on the black area of the sticker and the Autobot insignia will appear, granted that your finger is warm enough. While a red Autobot logo would have looked better than a silver square with an irregular black octagon, the Classics do not have allegiance insignias on their altmodes. Probably because if it's supposed to be a disguise, there's no point to have your identity out in the open as you drive around.

Some silver paint on his mirrors would have been nice, though. There are areas on on my Bumblebee where there should not have been paint, but there was anyway. Some spots of silver got onto his front and rear bumpers, his roof, and his leg. There was enough to paint at least one of the mirrors! I guess I'll just grab my model paints instead.

I really enjoy his vehicle mode. There is a lot of detail in it, including door handles, rivets on the rims and a gas cap. If I didn't know that this is Bumblebee, I wouldn't have guessed that it was him, but the car looks good and fits the character. I'm sure Spike and Carly would love cruising around in Bumblebee, maybe to the beach to use his Wave Crusher jetski/flight pack.

The jetski itself is nicely detailed and the colours look very nice. The white and orange go well together. The jetski cannot be removed from the trailer, though.

Transforming Bumblebee isn't very hard, and it really feels oldschool:
  • slide his doors out to the sides
  • rotate his arms out so that the wheels point inward
  • rotate the door around so that the pegs fit into the holes on this forearms
  • flip his trailer hitch/license plate up
  • flip his chest and head down
  • fold his seats down and straighten out his feet
To transform and attach Wave Crusher:
  • fold out trailer halves
  • spin jetski around so the windscreen points down
  • rotate the trailer halves so that the wheels point forward like turbines
  • attach to Bumblebee's back, behind his head (notch on windscreen locks into slot on back)
While his automotive mode might not feel very Bumblebee, his robot form sure does! His legs and feet have the old-school look to them, the roof of the car is on his chest, and his backpack looks very much like Goldbug, Bumblebee's improved Throttlebot form (from Season 4). And let's not forget his head! It looks just like his animation model. Finally, after all these years we now have a true Bumblebee figure. 'Bout time!

He is a little shorter than I would have liked, but considering that he is Bumblebee, the small Autobot spy, it makes sense for him to be smaller than other characters.

His articulation is good, though he only has 9 points, 11 if you count his feet, though he is mainly ball-jointed and has double-jointed knees. Be warned though, the flight pack limits his head movement, and my Bumblebee's right hip joint is very loose (might be a case of 'just mine').

Unfortunately, Bumblebee does not have a weapon. Even though his Wave Crusher is kind of cool and a nice reference to his flight packs of old, being able to fly is no substitute for having a gun. I guess the lines on his car door wrists are assumed to be launchers of sorts, kind of like Hot Rod's, but an actual hand-held pistol would have been preferred. His firepower is 4 after all, and he doens't even have a gun. How does that work?

Bumblebee has a lot of detail. A LOT of detail, such as pistons in the insides of the legs. There is detail in places that you won't even see, like under his feet and behind his head. Hasbro did a lot of work on this figure, and it shows!

There is now a definitive Bumblebee figure. If you like the character, you should definitely pick this little guy up!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Pics are at the bottom! Well, they will be when I get them up!

Uber-Compressed Version/Summary:
Snake Eyes:
+ stays true to oldschool roots
+ great articulation
+ lots of useful (for the most part) accessories
+ packaging becomes weapons case
- not enough gear can fit in case at once
- sword sheaths cannot cross over each other on his back
- the animé-style design takes some getting used to
- some joints are very tight, feels like you might break figure
- isn't cheap

Storm Shadow:

+ stays true to oldschool roots, feels VERY Storm Shadowy
+ packaging becomes weapons case
+ great accessories
+ comes with sword display rack and cloth pants w/sash, all very cool though not necessary
- sais can't be mounted on bo
- not enough gear can fit in case at once
- isn't cheap

Two excellent figures, and a good sign of what's to come. Yo Joe!

If you have any knowledge whatsoever of action figures, then you have obviously heard of GI Joe. These articuted, modern military action figures define the term 'action figure.' They have been around for decades, and they show no sign of leaving (which is is no way a bad thing!). They have seen many changes over the years. Originally, they were 12" tall before becoming the well-known 3.75" that have become the industry standard. Now, GI Joe figures have a new size: 8"!

Many Joe fans were nothing short of outraged when they heard about this new, oversized, animé-inspired line, where the Joes are more high-tech-teenage-secret-agent than top-secret-government-anti-terrorism-unit. Though I hated the idea of yet another dumbed-down bastardized version of one my favorite toy/comic book line (I prefer the comics over the cartoon, Larry Hama FTW!), I was looking forward to what the toy line had to offer. I was not dissapointed.

This time, I'll be reviewing my two Sigma 6 figures (for effiency/due to laziness -- I mean, work.) : Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.

Easily the most well-known GI Joe character of them all, Snake Eyes is Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta's resident disfigured, mute ninja, and Storm Shadow (aka Thomas Arasikage) is his arch-nemesis sword brother. In case you are unfamiliar with these classic characters, make sure to read Marvel's GI Joe (1984), #26 and #27 - Snake-Eyes: The Origin, or Devil's Due Publication's Snake Eyes: Declassified (2005) #1 through #6. They are excellent reads, well worth the purchase (I bought the TPB even after having read Snake Eyes: Declassified). (*coughtorrentcough*)

The packaging in this line is excellent. It allows you to see the whole figure and most of his gear. On the back of the card you have a filecard-like bio and a list of some of his equipment, as well as the usual "Also Available" list. Getting the toy out of the package is a severe pain thanks to numerous plastic ties, barely-visible rubber bands, plastic straps, tape, etc. Be carefull when removing the visor: the little microphone (which is useless since Snake Eyes is mute) gets stuck in the plastic slit. Cut the slit bigger rather than forcing the visor out. You don't want to break it!

Not only is the package eye-catching, it's also useful - the top and the bottom of the case from a foot locker or sorts in which you can store most of the figure's gear. It even includes foam with holes in which to store the equipment. Very, very nice. (Tip: if you want to fit as much of Snake Eyes' gear into this weapons case, equip him with this twin swords and sheats, short sword and sheath, Uzi, visor, dog tag and webgear. Put the remaining masks into the green suction cups, and place the handlebar of the zip line into the groove into which the swords would go. The part in which the string would go can fit into a green suction cup).

Snake Eyes is clad in, as usual, a black skin-tight suit. But not any skin-tight ninja get-up. This here's a 'Sigma Suit,' some kind of high-tech gimmick from the current Joe line. Hence the ports on his shins, outer thighs, right wrist, shoulders, and back. The ports are used to connect his gear. Gone is the single backback port! Now your Joes can carry a crapload of gear to the field with them. The ports are actually very handy, but enough about them. On to the mould itself!

I remember finding it really strange that Joes kept on getting bulkier and more bulky, buffer and more buff. Sigma 6 figures are downright bullimic! Look at Snake Eye's waist - I guess he's not a big fan of Roadblock's cooking... (Okay, wrong era, but you get the picture.) Nonetheless, the figure's mould is nicely done. You can see detail in the musculature, the layers of armour, grey 'mesh'-type sections, the belt... It's a very nicely done figure in terms of mould and detail. It's larger where it has to be large (muscles and chest mainly), and thin where it has to be thin (limbs).

I understand that Snake Eyes doesn't have to be, say, as built as Heavy Duty, but his overly thin appearance might turn away some long-time fans. But not this one. I find that in making him thinner than we're used to, it sort of gives a Spider-Man or Spike Spiegel vibe: he's not overly muscular, but he's still strong and agile as hell!

The figure has 15 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, waist, hips, knees, and ankles, utilizing a combination of ball joints and ratchet joints to allow an insane range of motion and ensuring that the figure will retain the pose you place him in. I figure with loose joints is basically worthless in terms of poseability, so the ratchet joints will help extend ol' Snakes' life span. He can be placed in a variety of excellent ninja poses, even kicks, and better yet, he'll hold that position and most likely remain standing!

The new 8" size a probably a reminder of days gone by, back when Joes where 12 inches tall and more cloth fatigues. Well, obviously the gang at Hasbro remembers, so they naturally threw in some cloth goods and even a dog tag with the Sigma 6 logo (the 12"-ers used to have dog tags too, for you young 'uns out there). While Snake Eye's cloth gear isn't anything as impressive as Long Range's Trench Coat, or Duke's Tactical Vest, it doesn't have to be, since Snakes doesn't need anything that complex. He has cloth webgear with tiny yet fully functional buckles and some nice shoulder pads, which I particularly enjoy since they remind me of the straps that oldschool Snake Eyes used to have. Only this time, they aren't filled with grenades. Plus, the larger lower-most belt-like strap with buckle adds some much neaded 'meat' to his waist, which helps to counteract the 'overly thin' look.

And of course, where would a GI Joe figure be without his (or her) gear! Snake Eyes includes:
  • Webgear w/shoulder pads
  • Sigma 6 dog tag
  • Classic Snake-Eyes visor ('Visual Input Device')
  • NVGs w/zoom feature (Night Vision Goggles with built-in binoculars)
  • Gas mask
  • 2 Tonfa-style swords (Google 'tonfa' if you don't know what it means) w/sheaths
  • Jinsoku dagger w/sheath
  • 2 Sword connectors
  • 'RFB System' (ie an Uzi)
  • 'Anti-Gravity Climbing Cups' (ie Suction Cups)
  • Whip-Star w/string (oversized magnetic shuriken w/retractable blades and zip line)
  • Zip line handlebars
  • 2 Handles and 2 latches for Weapons Case
His accessories can attach to his body via straps and buckles (in the case of the Jinsoku's sheath), small knobs on the side of his head (hold his visor, gas mask, and goggles in place), and the ports on his Sigma Suit. Just be carefull with his sword's sheaths, I had trouble positioning them, and they tend to move/fall out when you pose/play with the figure. I really don't like how the sheath's aren't made to cross over each other in a typically Snake-Eyes fashion, unless you stick them in the webgear but they tend to fall out. Also, watch out when placing the Uzi in his hand. I don't think that his finger is supposed to stay on the trigger, instead it rests beside it. I nearly broke my Uzi's trigger off trying to get his finger to rest on it!

The gear is, for the most part, usefull and looks very nice due to the level of detail and the paint applications. The buckles on the webgear and the Jinsoku's sheath are very tiny yet are fully functional. The swords look very sleek, thanks to the combination of angles and curves and the application of silver as well as blue paints. I really don't like the green 'switches' on the hilts, but it seems that green has somehow been associated with Snake Eyes, as it is used in his masks, his sword hilts, his Whip-Star, and on other toys, such as Ninja Armour Snake Eyes and his Lightning Cycle. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

One of the big gimmicks of this figure is the 'Whip-Star,' which essentially is an oversized shuriken. By twisting the knob, you can open the green-and-black weapon's deadly curved silver-and-blue blades. Snakes can use it to cut stuff up and throw at foes, but that's not all. There is a small amount of string coiled underneath the Whip-Star. The zipline handlebars can be placed (with much difficulty due to the hook at the end of the string) on the string and the powerful magnet will keep the Whip-Star firmly latched onto a wall. Snake Eyes can swing into action this way, or just be displayed in a very cool pose. The magnet is strong enough to hold up his weight.

His Anti-Gravity Climbing Cups are also very powerful. Attach them to Snakes' hands (which takes some work!) and stick him onto windows and other surfaces. They can actually support the weight of the figure, which is a huge bonus.

Snake Eyes' gear can also be lent to other characters, and can be attached to Duke's Tac Vest. The swords' sheaths, the Uzi, and the Climbing Cups all have the tab which lets them hook up to Duke's vest, just in case he needs a little MORE firepower, or is going to be sent in on an infiltration mission that doesn't require a hangglider, boat, ATV, etc... ...but I"m not sure why he'd need swords. I don't think Duke was ever trained by the Arashikage, at least I hope not!

Snake Eyes is a great figure with lots of poseability and a great weapons locker full of (mainly) useful equipment. If you can get over the animé look of the toy and don't mind the size/price point, you're in for a treat. He is not your Daddy's Joe. He's not your Granddaddy's Joe. Hell, he isn't even your Joe, but that doesn't mean that he is in any way a bad addition to a Joe fan's collection. Highly recommended!

Whew.... That was a lot longer than I was anticipating. Feel free to take a break right about now. Go get yourself a sandwich and something to drink and come back for Storm Shadow's review when you're ready.

Stormshadow is Snake-Eyes' sword brother, Thomas Arashikage. They fought together in 'Nam along with the man who would later be known as Stalker, one of the Original Thirteen GI Joes. Tommy saved Snake-Eyes' life in the war and invited him to go to Japan to join the family business - which Snake-Eyes learned to be a ninja clan. Well, that was the original story in the 80s, now it's obviously different in the Sigma 6 TV show and cartoon. Oh well.

As with Snake Eyes, Stormshadow's package is very eye-catching. The figure is clutching his katana and surrounded by his gear, in front of a very nice red background. Carefully remove the figure from the package! You will find that he has more gear than Snake Eyes, though a lot of won't get much use. He includes:
  • Red carrying strap (holds 1 sword and 2 sais)
  • White cloth pants w/red sash
  • Katana w/sheath
  • Wakizashi (looks like a short katana) w/sheath
  • 2 Sais
  • Bo
  • Nunchaku w/flip-out blades
  • Grappling hook w/red string
  • 2 Climbing grips (for hands)
  • 2 Climbing claws (for feet)
  • Display stand for 2 weapons
  • 2 Handles and 2 latches for Weapons Case
His Weapons Case is a lot better than Snake Eyes' because there are two pieces of foam: the large thick one with the hole in it, into which the gear fits, and a thin piece of foam which is attached to the bottom of the larger piece, preventing the gear from falling out. Very convenient!

Storm Shadow is dressed sort of like his original incarnation from way back in '84. His costume is, naturally, white. His pants have some gray patches on them, but he includes white cloth pants that cover over his legs, and they come complete with a red sash. His feet and ankles are protected by his red ninja footgear (sorry, I don't know the technical term), which have very nice detail in them. His chest is covered in white armour, which sports a similar line pattern as his footgear and his gauntlets. His arms are bare, of course, and his Arashikage clan marking is not on his wrist this time. It is clearly visible and not hidden under his nicely-detailed red gauntlets. His head is covered by his white mask.

Since he isn't a Joe, Storm Shadow has no Sigma Suit, and therefore no ports for weapons on his body. Luckily, he can load up thanks to his carrying strap and, to a lesser extent, his pants. The pants slide over his legs nicely and help to add some much-needed bulk to this figure (I really don't like the overly-thin look of most Sigma 6 figures). The pants are not necessary, though, and without them, he is still clothed in his white ninja jumpsuit, as I explained earlier. The pants are fastened thanks to velcro under his sash. The weapon carrying-strap simply slides onto him and rests against his neck. The strap can carry 2 sais and a sword in its sheath. His nunchaku's string can be attached to his pants by closing the velcro over the string of the weapon. I personally don't like the way that he looks with the nunchaku dangling from his pants, but this method does allow him to carry an additional weapon.

Much like Snake Eyes', Storm Shadow's gear is highly detailed. You can see plenty of curves, folds, and diamond-shaped symbols on the 'fabric' of the hilts of his weapons as well as on the bo's grip. The colours of his weapons work very nicely - black, silver, grey, gold, and reddish-brown. The blades of the swords are, just like Snake Eyes', painted silver and have blue paint on the blades. I'm not sure why they did this, but it looks very nice. Unfortunately, the blades of the sais are not painted. Also, the paint on the handles can be rubbed off. My Stormshadow figure now has a strange-looking red palm and grey patches on his sai's grip. The nunchaku are painted gold and black, colours which contrast each other well. Their blades are silver and blue, too.

This is essentially, a no-gimmick figure, but he does have some features. The package explains that the nunchaku have deployable blades. And how! Simply use your fingernail to flip out the blade and the nunchaku instantly look even meaner. The blades are long, as long as the nunchaku itself, and I often find them touching the ground when I pose Storm Shadow wielding them. Another feature is combination (yet again!). His bo can convert from a long blunt staff to an even longer bladed staff to an overly long lance-like double-bladed staff. His swords can attach to the ends of the bo, making it look downright deadly, albeit hard to use while not riding a horse. Unfortunately, the sais cannot be attached to the bo due to the balls at the base of their hilts. I think that this was a bad idea on Hasbro's part. Having the sais attach to the bo would result in a long yet still serviceable staff with two twin ends (attaching both swords will result in one end being longer than the other).

He also features climbing gear: claws, grips, and a grappling hook. The gear features some detail, such as the grip on the handles and a little Arashikage marking on the bottom of the claws. They fit well over his feet and into his hands, though I'm not sure if they can be used to actually support the weight of the figure (unlike Snake Eyes' suction cups), as I haven't tried it. His grappling hook might be able to, if you you wrap the string around him tightly enough.

He also includes a sword display stand, which is hard to see from within the package. You will always have to leave the stand out, since it won't fit inside of the Weapons Case. This isn't a bad thing as you can have it displaying some of the gear that Tommy isn't using at that moment. It can hold all of his weapons nicely, and if you were looking for a good display stand for the Megatron pistol that came with your 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime/Masterpiece Convoy, here it is! Megs will even block the Cobra logo.

This figure is, on its own, amazing. Paired up with his sword brother, his is even better. If you are a fan of the characters, these toys only get better. If you were skeptical about the Sigma 6 line, pick up these figures and tell me they don't change your mind. These two are highly recommended, and they complement each other so well that if you get one, you'll have to get the other!

If you want to get them both, you should look for the Ninja Showdown pack, which features both figures (repainted somewhat), most of the gear that they came with individually, and a DVD.

Monday, September 18, 2006

pics are at the bottom!

Uber-Compressed Version/Summary:
+ great articulation
+ LOTS of accessories
+ great mob-inspired weapons, including Tommy gun and long-barrelled revolver
+/- no detail nor paint on figure
- some parts may break when trying to remove them from sprue
- 'Stikers' tend to peel off/edges very visible/obvious
- a little too pricy

Here's an offer you can't refuse.

For those of who who are unfamilar with Stikfas, they are some of the most 1337 toys on the market. Aimed at collectors and toy enthusiasts more than children, Stikfas are sold as 'Action Figure Kits,' or AKFs. The figures and accessories are shipped model-kit style: you have to remove the pieces from the sprues ('part trees') and assemble the figures yourself. Just be carefull not to break any pieces when removing them from the sprues, and use pliers or a hobby knife to make sure you don't get any excess plastic nibs on your Stikfa. If you do, though, they can be easily filed off (I didn't bother to do that on mine). Each AFK has a different theme and a wide variety of accessories to match the said theme. The figure I am reviewing is the Mobster.

(For more on Stikfas, visit the offical Stikfas website or check out their Wikipedia article.)

The kit includes the following:
  • 1 Omega Male [bulkier build than the classic Alpha Male] figure
  • Additional biceps, thighs, and chest pieces with ports (for plugging in pieces like the badges)
  • Rubber trench coat
  • 2 Hats (1 Fadora, 1 cap)
  • 2 Police badges (which plug into chest/limbs with ports)
  • Pair of glasses
  • A very large watch of sorts
  • Pimp sceptre w/skull on top
  • Axe
  • Knife
  • Liquor bottle (keeping the round part of the piece sprue on top of the bottle makes it look like a molotov)
  • Long-barreled revolver (You feeling lucky, punk?)
  • Desert Eagle
  • Tommy gun w/2 ammo drums (in case you lose one)
  • Pump-action shotgun
  • 2 Sticks of dynamite
  • Guitar case in which to store/carry weapons
  • 'Stikers' label sheet
Though the figure is completely bare without any detail nor paint, that's the idea. Simple-looking, highly poseable figures that come ready for customizers to modify. However, if you don't intend on painting your figure or modifying him in any way but you don't want him to look overly plain and boring, you're not out of hope. The good fellas (zing!) behind Stikfas have, as usual, included a sheet of 'Stikers.' Stikers are labels that you can apply to your figure to add some personality. Many Stikfans are purists and prefer not to use the Stikers. I'm more of a semi-purist. Though I don't want to cover my Mobster up in scars, bullet holes and tattoos, I will still add Stikers if I find them necessary. In the case of this particular AFK, I only applied the black and white shirt and tie to my figure's chest and lower torso (I had to cut it since it was too long).

The Mobster's Stikers include:
  • Mister Bany.J logo
  • 2 Stikfas logos (1 large, 1 small)
  • 'No alcohol allowed!' sign
  • 2 Bullet holes for the guitar case
  • 2 Bullet holes for the trench coat
  • 2 Holes with clouds coming out of them
  • Ammo slings (chest stiker)
  • Gold watch
  • 3 Sets of eyebrows
  • 5 Sets of glasses
  • 5 Sets of eyes
  • 'Joke disguise' glasses, nose, and mustache
  • 3 Sets of mustaches
  • 1 Tranny mouth
  • 5 Tooth-revealing grins (some with gold teeth, which go well with the Pimp sceptre!)
  • 2 'I (heart) Mama' signs (1 large, 1 small)
  • 1 Newspaper
  • 1 Wanted sign
  • 1 Ghostbuster-style 'No Mobster' logo
  • 2 Tattos (1 rose, 1 'I love Mom' w/heart & knife)
  • 2 Scars
  • 3 Single bandages
  • 3 Double bandages (X-shaped)
  • 1 Large black bandage
  • 1 Chewed doughnut (possibly a bagel)
  • 1 Chewed slice of pizza
  • 1 Skull drawing
  • 2 Bomb
  • 1 Whisky label for the bottle
  • 3 Sets of buttons for the trench coat (1 black, 1 white with black trim, 1 white with blue trim)
  • 3 Shirts to be worn under the coat (1 white and blue, 1 white and black, 1 black with Smiley)
  • 4 bullet hole wounds (3 dripping, 1 splattered)

One of the most important component of a figure (at least in my opinion) is articulation. The Mobster (and all Stikfas moulds) deliver, and then some! With 14 ball-jointed articulation points and a light-weight construction, he can basically do anything you want him to - handstands, breakdances, and of course, aiming his 'little friends' at your other figures.

Another important component of figures is the amount/quality of the included accessories. And in case you haven't read the 'what's included' list, this goodfella is armed to the teeth with a variety of mob-inspired melee weapons, firearms, and explosives. Stikfas aren't detailed at all and come off looking like the default 3D Studio Max people models (which is fine by me!), but there is a certain amount of detailing on his accessories. His handgun has the hammer and detail on the slider. His shotgun has marks on the grip which fit nicely into his hand, and it even has a hole on the side for shell ejection!

He can wield any of his weapons in a natural-looking pose. He looks menacing clutching his Tommy gun in both hands, or pulling his hand cannon out from inside his coat. You wouldn't want your other Stikfas to meet this guy in a dark alley. Getting him to hold his shotgun requires a little bit of work, but it is worth it. He would have been better off as a G2 Gamma Male, since the G2 moulds have improved articulation at the knees and, more importantly, the elbows.

If you are getting tired of the melee-weapon-only Stikfas (knights, Vikings, ninjas, samurai, etc), then this guy is definately for you. The guys behind Stikfas have made us an offer we can't refuse. I strongly reccommend him!

Stikfas Omega Male Mobster

Stikfas Omega Male Mobster
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